Lodge of Balnarring

Lodge No. 850

Of The Grand United Lodge of Victoria of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons


Vale' comes from the latin meaning farewell., This page is dedicated to our Brethren that have taken their membership in the Grand Lodge in which we all shall meet once again, Funeral Serices and arrangements, where applicable, are also listed for 'passed' members of the Lodge of Balnarring.


The following Service is listed for our late (Name and Rank) to be held at (Location and Address) on (Day/Date) at (Time)(1200)

PLEASE NOTE: (Funeral arrangements and or special requests by family) Our Secretary is handling ALL arrangements so for ALL further information contact our Secretary.


Passed Brethren


  • Ian Taylor ( - 2015)
    Ian joined Freemasonry on the 2tth March 1950 with the Caulfield Grammarians Lodge. Ian served the
    various offices in the Lodge and was invested as Master in the 1960's. Ian was very active in the Lodge
    and in 1971 also joined the Rhetoric Lodge of Communication.

    Being a talented organist, Ian joined the Grand Lodge Ceremonial Teams and was active with the Teams
    between 1977 to 1987. In his later years Ian also acted as Installing Master for his own Lodges.
    Such was his service that between
    1985 and 2000, Ian was promoted 5 times with various Grand Ranks
    including Grand Organist and Past Senior Grand warden his present Rank.


    In 1989 Ian joined Balnarring 850 and was our organist until ill health and a bad back forced him to
    relinquish the role in the past 3 years.
    Ian was very popular and regularly assisted the Lodge with charges
    and any role he could.  He was very astute and even in his later years he knew all the long Masonic charges
    by heart.


    Ian had been the recipient of a 50 year Masonic service jewel and a 60 year bar which were presented to
    him at Balnarring.

    He lived respected by all and died regretted.


  • Thomas "Tom" Haselgrove (1945 - 2015)

    Tom joined Freemasonry on the 14th August, 1945 with the Robbie Burns Lodge, Lodge Number 88.
    Tom served the various offices in this lodge and became Master on the 8th May 1962. Tom was very
    active in his Lodge and was rewarded with the conferral of "Grand Rank" three times between the years
    1985 and 2003 achieving his present rank of Past Grand Inspector of

    Tom had been the recipient of a 50 year Masonic Service Jewel and a 60 year Bar. He was only a few
    months shy of his 70yr Bar.

    Tom joined the Lodge of Balnarring on the 12th March 2010, he was a popular member of our lodge and
    until ill health struck, he was a regular attender and loved the social aspects of the South. Our ladies 

    would regulalry look after him with a few of our extra servings for home which Tom always accepted with
    a smile.


  • Stan Paul  (1973 - 2010)

    Stan joined the Lodge of Balnarring as a 'Founding Member' on the 03rd of November 1972, he was a popular
    member of our lodge. Stan was a
    regular attender and loved the social aspects of the South.
    Additionally, many of Lodge 'seniors' and founders are able to relate tales of extended rehearsals at Stans

















  • Raymond Jones (1973 - 2014)
    Ray was one of our foundingmembers. Ray served on the Hall Management Board and was intstrumental in
    our Lodge having the facilities we have today. Even today, when changes are being made to either the Hall
    or the Procedures that are being conducted or considered, the Brethren alway pause and consider
    "What would Ray say?

    Ray was an ex Naval Man and was always upright in his dealings in the Lodge and with the people he came
    into contact with on a daily basis.

    Ray was also instrumentalwith the initial concept and riunning (initially) of the Hastings Police Senior Citizens
    Register (See the link in the "Useful Contacts" Page)


  • John ("David") David James (   - 2014)

    John, or David as he was known to members of our Lodge has long been a supporting member of the
    Lodge of Balnarring as well as an active member of lodges in several orders.

    David had a military background during WWII as well as directly after. David served in a RAAF
    Radar troop in PNG in the war years and then enlisted in the Navy and walked the 'hot' earth
    during the atomic testing at Maralinga in the 1950's.

    David held office in several orders in Freemasonry and will be sadly missed by all that came to
    know him.


  • John (Jock) Wilson (1989 - 2014)

    John joined the Rosebud lodge on the 24/9/1982.  When that closed he joined Balnarring on the
    8/9/1989, John was very active in the Lodge and with his wife Jean he attended many social functions. 
    John was our Lodge Almoner for a large period of the past 10 years. The exception being when he
    became Master on the 14/11/2008. Then resuming the role shortly after.


    John was very compassionate and kept in constant touch with ill and infirm members and the widows
    of our deceased members.

    John was also a volunteer for the Hastings Senior Citizens register for many years along with our other
    much loved member Ray Jones.  Although we wondered how the person on the other end understood
    who was on the line with that great Scottish brogue.

    John never complained about his own plight and  up until a few weeks ago was regularly reporting
    back to the Lodge on un well and infirmed members.

    John  was a much loved and respected member of the Peninsula Freemasonry fraternity, he was well
    known by members of the other lodges and many a time we would get a laugh out of his thick Scottish
    accent and his love of a “Free scotch” off the Masters table,

    He definitely "Lived Respected and Died Regretted".


  • Grevis John Howe (1951 - 2017)

    RtWor Bro. Grevis John Howe joined Freemasonry on the 13th September 1951with the Trinity Grammarian
    Lodge, No. 50.

    Grevis also joined the Victoria lodge of Research on the 25th April 1969.

    After Trinity Lodge, Grevis joined the Lodge of Balnarring on the 10th February 1989.

    Grevis performed many roles over the years with our Lodge. Grevis was also an active member of several
    Grand Lodge Ceremonial Teams. He was our Choirmaster and Education Officer. He was a very
    knowledgeable, enthusiastic and very well respected member of not only our Lodge but the Craft in general.

    Grevis was a regular attender at Lodge meetings and would encourage and tutor members of the Lodge
    always with a smile
    Grevis was a man that was able to mix easily with members of all ranks and people of all persuasions.

    Grevis was awarded various promotions in Freemasonry culminating in the very high rank of Past Senior Grand Warden (PSGW). In 2000 Grevis was awarded a 50 year Jewel and a 60 year Bar in 2010, this was highlighted by the2 (two) Past Grand Masters when accepting the award.

    Grevis was much loved by all in Freemasonry in general and by the Lodge of Balnarring in particular. He was a man,
    a man of principles who will be sadly missed. A man who lived respected and died regretted.

    So Mote It Be