The Almoner has been advised that the following Brethren are currently unwell either at home or in Care.

Brother Name: Rt.WBro. Rhys Lewis                            Location: Somercare
                                                                                                    22 Graf Road, Somerville. Vic
Phone: 03 5977 9922

Comments: - Rhys is staying at Somercare and is up to having visitors or going on a 'day outing'. It is asked that you phone ahead if you intend to visit in the event that Rhys may be unavailable

In times of illness Brethren may contact our Almoner  - Wor Brother Ted Forecast
                Phone: 03 5983 9547




This page has been set up by the Lodge of Balnarring to inform the Brethren on the health and well being of the members.


Lodge of Balnarring

Lodge No. 850

Of The Grand United Lodge of Victoria of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons

Brother Name: Bro. Frank Robinson                            Location: Domain By The Bay
                                                                                                    185 Racecourse Road, Mt Martha Vic 3934
Phone: 03 5976 5700

Comments: - ALL visitors must phone prior to arrange visits to Frank