© 2014  Freemasons Lodge of Balnarring Lodge 850

Lodge of Balnarring

Lodge No. 850

Of The Grand United Lodge of Victoria of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons

          Lodge Workings for the 2019
          Dining Fee (850 Members Only) $5:00


Mar 08th: Second Degree  - Bro. Steven Clarke


April 12th: Ceremony of the Vacant Chair and Talk on Changi POW

May 10th:


June 09th: Third Degree - Bro. Steven Clarke

July 12th:

August 09th: Masonic Presentation - Secretaries Database


September 13th: Obligate Master Elect - WBro. Kym Wright


October 11th:  Masters Last Night


November 08th: Installation  of WBro. Kym Wright

December 13th: Ladies In The South (To be held at Steeples)

          Mornington Peninsula District (113)   
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