Lodge of Balnarring

Lodge No. 850

Of The Grand United Lodge of Victoria of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons

I am interested, how do I join?

It is not in the tradition or customs of Freemasonry to solicit new members. However, Freemasons from our Lodge are more than happy to be approached and will always (as much as is permitted) answer your questions about the 'Craft' and our Lodge at Balnarring in particular. 

Membership to Freemasonry is available to men, 18 years and older. The are some requirements though, much like most organisations and 'clubs'. These requirements are to do with a persons character and reputation. You must also believe in a supreme being, of your own faith and be of good moral character.

For a person to join any Lodge there is process that is followed by both the 'applicant' and the Lodge, firstly any applicant must be recommended by two members of the lodge. If you dont know two members, dont let that put you off. You will be asked to a 'sit down' with members of our Lodge and they will ask several questions of you, you in turn may ask questions of the members at the meeting. After the 'sit down' and approval is given, you will be accepted as an applicant.


Freemasonry welcomes applicants from men who seek harmony with his fellow man, have a desire for self-improvement and generally want to participate in making the world a better place.

Every man that becomes a Freemason is shown a pattern of living that Freemasons for centuries have followed. Freemasons, in every day life, practice reverence, kindness, dependability, morality and compassion. He must also be prepared to honour his country and uphold the 'Laws of the Land', and respect those in authority.


A Freemason must be willing to share in Masonic Activities and maintain a peacable relations with others.


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Remember every Freemason has had to undertake the exact same procedure to become a 'Mason'

For More Information.

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Ron Fauvel

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