Lodge of Balnarring

Lodge No. 850

Of The Grand United Lodge of Victoria of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons

Lodge of Balnarring Freemasons Supporting Local Senior Citizens





The Freemasons from the Lodge of Balnarring, at their first regular meeting for 2016, the Lodge meets

on the 2nd Friday of each month took the opportunity to present a cheque on behalf of the members of

the Lodge of Balnarringand Freemasons Foundation Victoria, to the Hastings Police Senior Citizens

Register for $5000.00.

The cheque was presented by the current Master of the Lodge, Worshipful Brother Barry Hodder to
Denise Palmer, the coordinator of the Hastings Police Senior Citizens Register.


The cheque will go towards a much needed new vehicle for this community organisation to enable its
continued service to Senior Citizens on the register. The vehicle is used to make any essential and
                                                 personal follow up action that is necessary when concerns are held for a

                                                 registered person,especially when phone contact has not been possible.

                                                 The evening commenced with the Freemasons conducting their regular
                                                 Lodge workings and finished with a combined supper with drinks had by
                                                 both members of the Lodge of Balnarring, visitors and agroup of
                                                 volunteers from the HPSCR led by Denise Palmer.

                                                 Basically, the register is a free database which lists names and contact
                                                 details of local senior citizenswho have volunteered information to the


                                                 Contact is made each day by phone calls to each person on the register.

                                                 The phone calls made check on each person’s well-being. If for any reason phone calls are not
                                                 answered within a certain time frame, a nominated emergency contact is notified.
                                                 If the nominated emergency contact cannot be notified, local police/ staff member will then the
                                                 address and physically check on the well-being of its registered senior citizens.

                                                 The Senior Citizens Register is operated out of the Hastings Police Station and is manned by
                                                 volunteers each day of the year. The volunteers willingly offer their time to the wellbeing of our local
                                                 senior citizens.
                                                 The Register has been operating for just over 15 years and is manned by who contact and supply
                                                 comfort and peace of mind to over 1000 clients.






























More information about the register may be obtained from contact by:


phone: (03) 5979 7033
AH:     (03) 5979 2137 (answering machine)


The Master, WBro. Barry Hodder presenting the donation to Denise Palmer, the Coordinator of the Hastings Police Senior Citizens Register

The Master, WBro. Barry Hodder and Denise Palmer, the Coordinator of the Hastings Police Senior Citizens Register, displaying the cheque for $5000.00

The Master, members, visitors and guests with Denise Palmer displaying the donation during an enjoyable and beneficial evening of fun, laughter and friendship